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Natural Science


Management Science







Military Science

Three-year Diploma


Business Administration


Business administration majors belong to a large category of management. There are many majors in this category, including business administration, marketing, accounting, financial management, international business, human resource management, auditing, asset evaluation, logistics management, cultural industry management, etc. In recent years, more and more colleges and universities begin to enroll students in the "business administration" category. After enrollment, students are diverted to specific majors according to their own interests.

Public Managemen


This major requires students to be familiar with the basic theories and basic knowledge of management, economics, political science, law, etc.; to systematically master the basic theories and professional knowledge of public management as well as the necessary qualitative and quantitative analysis methods; to have high skills in analyzing and solving public management and public policy problems, and to adapt to the needs of market economy and the new situation of rule of law.



This major cultivates senior professionals in business administration with knowledge and abilities in management, economics, law and enterprise management, and who are capable of engaging in management, teaching and scientific research in enterprises, institutions and government departments.

Land Resource Management


Students majoring in land resource management mainly learn the basic theories and knowledge of land management.

Have basic training in land planning, surveying, computer and cadastral management, and have basic ability in land use and management.

Raise has the modern management science, economics and resource to learn the basic theory, to master the basic knowledge of land management, surveying, cartography, computer basic skills, can in the homeland, urban construction, agriculture, real estate and related areas in land investigation, land use planning, cadastre management and land management policies and regulations of senior specialized talents.

Raise has the modern management science, economics and resource to learn basic theories, master the basic knowledge of land resource management, land investigation and planning, land policy analysis, cadastral management, real estate appraisal and so on basic skills training, has a "test, painting, gauge, appraise, tables," and computer applications such as practical ability, can adapt to the new period land, urban construction, agriculture, real estate and related work and research needs in the field of interdisciplinary talents.

Public Administration


Its training goal is to train high-level, application-oriented and compound management talents for government departments and public institutions who have both political integrity and ability and meet the needs of socialist modernization. Graduates are required to become leaders, managers and other public service talents who master advanced analytical methods and techniques and are familiar with specific public management or policy fields.

Social Welfare


To cultivate talents with solid theoretical foundation of social welfare major, wide range of knowledge, high quality and strong ability, who can meet the needs of children's welfare, assistance for children in difficulty and community children service under the conditions of socialist market economy;

High-quality skilled talents who can systematically master the theoretical knowledge and operation skills of social welfare, master the professional technology of children's service and management and the methods and technologies of welfare services and child relief services, and meet the needs of the front-line management and service of children's social welfare undertakings.

This major to cultivate the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, the United States and has a good professional ethics, humanity accomplishment and scientific and cultural quality, physical and mental health, familiar with the child welfare professional theory knowledge, master certain early education, special rehabilitation for disabled children, child welfare management, children's knowledge of social work, has the education on children normal children and all kinds of obstacles, the ability of rehabilitation, and the service and management ability, engaged in normal infants and young children's early education, special children's early intervention work skills of high-quality technical personnel.

Educational Economics and Management


It mainly uses the theories and methods of pedagogy, economics and management to study the relationship between education and economy and the development law of their changes, the law of economic input and output in the field of education, the leaping development of education, and the science of management law in the development of education.