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Natural Science


Management Science







Military Science

Three-year Diploma


Religion Studies


This major requires students to learn the basic theories of religious teaching, have a comprehensive understanding of the history and status quo of major religions in the world and China's religious laws and policies, and receive basic training in independent thinking, social research and analysis of problems.

Religious professional training have a comprehensive knowledge of religion, the history and current situation of the understanding of the world's major religions, familiar with the various national regulations and policies of religion, in colleges and universities, research institutions or government departments engaged in teaching, research, management of religious affairs, religion of theory propaganda, policy research and other work

Marxist Philosophy


The major discipline of Marxist philosophy is the secondary discipline of philosophy, which mainly studies dialectical materialism and historical materialism.

This subject includes the theory, history and application of Marxist philosophy.

According to the existing conditions, there are three training directions: the contemporary form of Marxist philosophy;

Science, technology and society;

Philosophy of social development.

It requires graduate students to master systematically the basic viewpoints, basic positions and basic methods of Marxist materialism, dialectics, epistemology, theory of historical view, original works and other secondary disciplines and related disciplines of philosophy, so as to cultivate their ability to analyze and solve problems independently.



Ethics takes moral phenomenon as the research object, including not only the phenomenon of moral consciousness (such as personal moral emotion), but also the phenomenon of moral activity (such as moral behavior) and the phenomenon of moral norms.

The major of ethics trains students in the basic principles of ethics and the basic theories of ethics at home and abroad.

Students educated in the aspects of philosophy and ethics, should know the basic knowledge of the system and the professional knowledge, has the strong theoretical analyzing and resolving problems and thinking and language expression ability, become excellent, having both ability and political integrity, has a wide range of scientific and cultural knowledge basis and philosophy accomplishment for the ethics of professional talents in the new century and universal type talent