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Natural Science


Management Science







Military Science

Three-year Diploma


Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


This major mainly cultivates high-level, application-oriented, compound, ideal and international professionals who are proficient in Chinese as a second language teaching skills, good cultural communication skills and cross-cultural communication skills, adapt to the international promotion of Chinese, and are competent for a variety of teaching tasks. The students mainly study the basic theories and knowledge of Chinese, linguistics and international literature, receive the basic training of theoretical thinking and professional skills, can use a foreign language fluently for teaching and communication, and have the ability of cross-cultural communication.

Business English


Business English aims to develop a solid English basic skill, broad international vision, specialized international business knowledge and skills, master the related subjects such as economics, management and law, the basic knowledge and theory, have strong ability of intercultural communication and high cultural accomplishment, can skilled use of English in the international environment is engaged in the business, trade, management, finance and other work, practical business English professional talents.

Chinese Language and Literature


Oral Chinese, Chinese Reading, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Comprehensive Class, Introduction to Literature, Appreciation of Ancient Chinese Literary Works, A Guide to the Classics of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese, Foreign Literature, Aesthetics, Travel Chinese, Business Chinese, Overview of China, Special Topics on Chinese Culture, Special Topics on Chinese History, Special Topics on Chinese Philosophy, Intercultural Communication.

English Language Studies


Japanese Language Studies




The journalism major aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents who can be engaged in news coverage, writing, editing, commentary, photography and other news practice in various media as well as news publicity in party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions. The goal is to train international news communication talents with global vision and cross-cultural communication ability.

Radio and Television


Radio and television to learn professional based on the inherent law of news communication, focusing on the reality of radio and television career development needs and future prospects, aims to develop the comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical, the United States in radio and TV institutions, enterprises and institutions engaged in interviews, and other media reports, filming, editing, management, planning, management, and other work to cultivate specialized personnel of high quality.