A Journey of Sichuan Intangible Cultural heritage with Tibetan and Qiang Embroidery
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Study in Sichuan, China 



A Journey of Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage with Tibetan and Qiang Embroidery




2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year as we fight against the pandemic with one heart and one mind with the strength of each person making our city warmer and stronger. 



In Sichuan, many people come here from different countries to gain more knowledge and learn more about Chinese culture. Despite all the differences, they all have a common triat – they are all panda fans. 



The Information Office of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province invited overseas students from Sichuan University to participate in the production of the “Panda and Youth’ program. 



The program has helped these panda fans deepen their understanding and love of Chinese culture through their in-depth experiences of Sichuan traditional culture. And they have passed on their cultural knowledge from Sichuan to their families and friends overseas. 


本次挑战之旅的主人公是来我校海外教育学院自塞尔维亚籍的留学生IVANA IVKOVIC。她将与非遗藏羌织绣技艺传承人杨华珍学习民族特色浓郁、地域特色鲜明的藏羌织绣。

The participant today is Ivana Ivkovic, a Serbian international student studying Chinese Language at the School of Overseas Education of Sichuan University. Her challenge today is to learn the weaving and embroidery of Tibetan and Qiang with distinct ethnic and regional characteristics with the help of Ms. Yang Huazhen, the national intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Tibetan and Qiang embroidery. 


It has been two and half years since Ivana came to China, and her sister’s birthday is coming soon. At Yang’s suggestion, they decided to knit aprons, hats and blouses in the Tibetan and Qiang style and send them as a gift to Ivana’s sister, with a design that symbolizes reunion and happiness. 


 Ivana said Serbia also has a similar tradition of weaving embroidery to China. When she was young, she and her sister took part in some fun sewing activities in their grandmother's village every summer vacation. But nowadays, with the fast pace of life, young people have gradually forgotten these precious traditional culture and the beautiful emotions behind them. She really hopes more young people can work together to make these traditional cultural treasures "come alive" again. 



"Foreign youth, giant pandas, Sichuan intangible cultural heritage", all the wonderful notes are here together to weave a stirring movement. Let's embark on the "Panda and Youth" international train and continue our journey of exploring Sichuan intangible cultural heritage with cute giant pandas.

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*The original article was published on the official Sichuan University Public WeChat Platform. 

Publisher: Information Office of People's Government of Sichuan Province

Production: Sichuan Cultural Communication Co., LTD

Copyright: Sichuan University

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